Installation of Rooftop Solar System in select Govt. Buildings

Cochin Smart Mission Limited has entered into an agreement with Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) for the project “Installation of Rooftop Solar System in select Govt. Buildings” of cost Rs. 5.7 Crores. The project execution period is about 6 months.


Board/Review Meetings

Constant Review of the Smart City Project Progress is being carried out through conducting monthly Board meetings. All the Board members would review and mark their comments on the same.

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Stakeholder Consultations

Stakeholders in the city, for various projects are being called up to attend various stake holder meetings or are consulted to raise their concerns or incorporate suggestions at different stages.

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Pre-bid Meetings

Pre bid meetings are held for all the projects being tendered so as to clarify any concerns bidders may have with the scope of work or requirements for further proceeding with the bidding procedure.

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Cochin Smart Mission Ltd. marks their presence at various workshops and conferences held, relevant to the sector that helps in augmentation of the Smart City Initiatives.

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