The PMC selected for implementing the Area Based Development Projects under Smart City Proposals is the consortium of M/s IPE Global Limited (Lead Member) & M/s Haskoning DHV Consulting Private Limited (Consortium Member).

The consultant shall support the CSML in overall implementation of Smart City projects including technical advisory and project management consultancy. Consultancy services include support to the client in professional skills, expertise, resources, planning, designing, implementing and monitoring smart city projects for ABD area under Kochi Smart City Proposal. The scope of services to vary from developing, managing and implementing projects proposed under Area Based Development component.

A. Project Development

The PMC handles the tasks such as integrated project development; base map preparation; topographic surveys; thematic maps preparation, carryout engineering surveys; market demand assessment; infrastructure gap assessment; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); formulate business plans; feasibility studies and DPR preparation.

  • Integrated Projectisation
  • Review Available Plans
  • Carry Surveys and Investigation
  • Prepare Project Development and Implementation
  • Prepare DPRs
  • Assist all project stages
  • Provide Transaction Advisory
  • Identify Financial Implications
  • Identify Private/Public Participation
  • Evaluation Financial Viability
  • Assist Cochin Smart Mission at every stage

B. Financial Implications and Viability

PMC shall support in Contract administration and Management of the packages during design and implementation phase, Scrutinize and guide implementing agency in preparation of supervision schedule/work plan for each package. Carry out necessary quality control activities and inform authority if the quality of works conforms to the specifications and drawings. Record the work measurement and assist authority in completing the compliances required to certify the contractor’s bill and recommend Smart City/SPV on way forward. Identify financial implications involved in the project based on the Techno economical estimated cost.

C. Bid Process Management

Coordination of Bid Process,Management and Support in evaluation of bids and selection of systems integrator.

  • Coordinate with CSML and Other Stakeholders
  • Defining and Monitoring SLAs
  • Coordinate Bid Process Management
  • Support in Evaluating Bids
  • Coordinate with CSML and Other Stakeholders
  • Coordinate Multi stage consultation
  • Assist resolutions in Contractual Issues
  • Prepare Project Reports
  • Support Project Management

D. Project Facilitation and Implementation

Assist during the third-party inspection of work carried out by implementation agency(ies), if necessary, as decided by Smart City/SPV, and in obtaining all necessary permissions and complying with statutory requirements as required prior to construction. Review and issuance for execution design and drawings.

E. Project Implementation Support for Pan City Solutions

Project Implementation Support shall include Project management activities, coordinating the line departments to develop the project plan, coordinating workshops and discussion meetings between SPV and departments concerned, submissions of DPR, capacity building and ensuring that the technology standards and guidelines are adhered to, during implementation.
The PMC shall support the CSML in overall implementation of Smart city Projects in ABD area.

  • Coordinate with Several Departments
  • Conduct Workshops and Meetings
  • Coordinate Officials
  • DPR Submissions
  • Ensure all standards are adhered