Restoration of Mullassery canal

Mullassery canal is one among the tidal canals of Kochi which crosses all the major spines of ABD area including Park Ave Road, Market Road, TD Road and MG Road. But due to lack of maintenance along with waste dumping, illegal encroachments etc, the canal is now in a dying stage.

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Restoration of Market canal

Market Canal had been lying in a state of disuse for many years now. Project envisages redevelopment of the entire area in a way the canal and market become part of each other and mutually benefits each other by cleaning and designing the public premises adjacent to the canal.

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Restoration of Kalvathy canal

For centuries, the canal was a hub of international trade in Kochi. Lack of maintenance has led to an unhygienic physical condition of the canal making it difficult to perform any activities. Project envisages restoration of the canal which will improve the spatial quality as well as enhance economy.

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