LED Lighting

Project includes underground ducting and cabling of electric wires replacing overhead electric wiring. This proposal shall be incorporated along with road improvement projects.

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Smart Poles

A smart initiative to optimize the telecom infrastructure in the city. Setting up telecom infrastructure conforming to the looks of lighting poles enabling Telecom (Mobile broadband infrastructure), interconnected with Fibre optic network, Wi-Fi hotspot services and Smart Billboard.

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Solar Panels in Govt. Buildings

Project envisages to install roof top solar panel system in selected Government buildings In the ABD area. These PV Solar panels shall power the building and surplus power would be transferred to the grid.

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Solar Panels in Public Spaces

Installation of Solar panels in the roofs of buildings is a challenge in terms of acquiring clear space for the system. Thereby, concept of installing the system in public spaces like canals and parks has been pondered upon.

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