Portable Compactor

Portable Compactor to be introduced at various places in the ABD area for a better Secondary Storage & Transportation of Solid Waste.

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Street Sweeping Machines

An efficient machine, mounted on a truck, for cleaning waste and mud accumulated on roadsides. The machine can clean longer distances in a short time when compared to the manual process.

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Household and Street bins

Household and Street Bins would be provided for segregation of organic and inorganic wastes at the source itself, which would ease the process of solid waste management.

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Battery Operated Tricycles

An energy efficient means for primary collection and transportation of solid waste  from the source, which would replace, the otherwise labour intensive, conventional system of collection using manually pulled carts.

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Public Toilets

Project envisages identification and renovation of existing public toilets, which are in poor condition, across the ABD area and also incorporating the same with smart features.

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