Public Bicycle Sharing

The proposed system will have about 1000 cycle spread over the identified smart city area (Central Business District Area of Kochi and mattancherry ) as well as along the metro corridor.

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Walk Way from Ernakulam Jetty to Metro Station

Cochin Smart Mission Limited (CSML) proposes “Open space corridor linking DH Ground to Mangalavanam” project as part of ABD projects under Smart Cities Mission. The project aims at revitalizing all the open/ public spaces, along the western water edge of Ernakulam mainland, between Durbar Hall ground and Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, by improving the accessibility, introducing various activities and linking the same with each other to create an active corridor for recreational facilities.


Foot over bridge

pedestrian improvement at the local level to improve walk-ability of the community.

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Intelligent Traffic Management

Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) consists of a number of electronic equipment that work towards improving road traffic conditions. ITMS has been successfully implemented in a many city in the world with demonstrable improvement in safety and efficiency

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bus shelter

Smart Bus Shelters

Smart and comfortable bus waiting shelters.

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