Public Bicycle Sharing

The proposed system will have about 1000 cycle spread over the identified smart city area (Central Business District Area of Kochi and mattancherry ) as well as along the metro corridor.

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Electric Feeders

Electrical vehicle feeder system to improve connectivity  through sustainable modes of transportation.

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Elevated Walkways and Travelators

pedestrian improvement at the local level to improve walk-ability of the community.

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Intelligent Traffic Management

The integration and management of  different transport mode through technology for better traffic condition.

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bus shelter

Smart Bus Shelters

Smart and comfortable bus waiting shelters.

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Walk Way from Ernakulam Jetty to Metro Station

Improve pedestrian connectivity from ernakulam jetty to nearest metro station.

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Smart Bus Interchanges With Commercial Spaces

Improvisation of major bus interchanges along with development of commercial spaces.

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