A systematic process was adopted to help formulate the strategic focus areas and blueprint for the city. This involved inputs to enable a balanced intersection of Policy direction and aspirations, Analysis of Potential areas of improvement, findings from SWOT analysis and views from citizen consultations.
Strategic Blueprints have been developed to guide the public, private and community sectors efforts and investment. While consideration has been given to all potential sectors, the focus has been on those areas where benefit can be maximized based on the assessment of current and future needs. Key strategic focus areas and specific interventions are listed here:

A. Transportation

  1. Leverage the inherent diversity and potential transportation modes (Waterways, Metro rail, Buses) to create a seamless modern and safe multi-modal transport system
  2. Make pedestrianization and NMT key focus areas for developing mobility solutions and improvements to road network and to address last-mile linkages to access trunk corridors
  3. Implement Transit Oriented Developments in the built-environment to efficiently leverage the multi-modal transportation network planned
  4. Ensure safety in all transport modes, including in water transportation

B. Heritage and Tourism

  1. Enhance Kochi’s status as a cultural gateway to Kerala and India, and pro-actively build case for UNESCO World Heritage Status for Fort Kochi – Mattancherry corridor.
  2. Strengthen branding through events like Biennale and Cochin Carnival
  3. Involve community in tourism development (homestays, local events, local cuisine development) to enable wider reach of the economic benefits from tourism Environment and Infrastructure
  4. Reduce carbon footprint; implement climate change mitigation/adaptation actions to build resilience
  5. Promote a sustainable approach to provision of water, sewerage services and flood management
  6. Manage waste in a sustainable manner
  7. Conserve, protect and enhance built environment (by leveraging FAR increase to re-configure congested areas) and natural environment (by rejuvenating canals and water ways)

C. Society and Governance

  1. Create a cohesive society by ensuring quality of life and universal access to smart urban services.
  2. Reinforce strengths in citizen driven planning
  3. Deliver ICT-led and smart government service delivery.

D. Economy

  1. Strengthening support systems for facilitating the core sectors like Trade, Information Technology, Port related activities, Services and Hospitality
  2. Strengthen support systems and infrastructure networks to enable creation of vibrant, safe and clean city core. Industrial Engagement to diversify economic base into Banking and financial services, offsite services for MENA region. Transit oriented development along select Multi modal nodes and corridors
  3. Enhance Tourism, Heritage and Public space imagery
  4. Reinforce local economies and improve livelihood avenues through the involvement of local businesses and residents in the development of the areas. For example:
  5. Biennale, Cochin Carnival, Traditional art forms (like Chavittunadakam), promoting local cuisines of 8 different communities.