To transform Kochi into an inclusive, vibrant city of opportunities with efficient urban services, sustainable growth and ease of living”

The objective of the SCM is “to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions”. The focus is on “Sustainable and Inclusive Development”. Area Based Development (ABD) strategies and PAN City solutions were the main components of SCM.

The vision is built on four themes identified from citizen consultation as:

Theme 1: Connected and Accessible City
Theme 2: A City with a Vibrant Identity
Theme 3: A Clean, Green, Safe and Healthy City
Theme 4: An Inclusive and Smartly Governed City

Area Based Development (ABD)

The Smart Cities Mission aims to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology that leads to Smart outcomes. Area-based development will focus on transforming existing areas into better planned ones, thereby improving livability of the whole City.

Area Based Development (ABD) as part of Smart City development consists of parts of five wards of west Kochi (1,2,3,4 and 5) and parts of three wards of mainland of KMC (62,66 & 67), with a total area of 1024.16 acres (4.14 Sq. Km).

The aim of the Kochi Smart City ABD projects is to revive the character and glory of Fort Kochi – Mattanchery as a heritage area and Central Kochi (Mainland) as a bustling commercial centre and provide for high speed water connectivity.



GOAL 1: Increase in Public transport share to at least 60% within 10 years

Activity 1: Implement Integrated and Intelligent multi-modal transport with focus on faster access and improved commuter experience; Regulate traffic and implement Smart parking solutions

Metrics 1: Reduction in travel time; Greater area under pedestrianization

GOAL 2 :Promote eco-friendly mobility with focus on pedestriansation and NMT

Activity 2: Promote public transport; Enforcing Emission standards; Create NMT corridors for Efficient / Eco-friendly last mile connectivity

Metrics 2: Reduction in road congestion and Improvement of air quality parameters



Goal 1    : Strengthen Kochi’s positioning as Kerala’s Tourist Gateway

Activity 1: Strengthen art and cultural festivals; Scale reach and branding of Kochi Biennale;  Implement Tourism master plan for Fort Kochi and Mattancherry; Boost medical tourism

Goal 2    : Revitalization of City areas

Activity 2: Revitalization of Broadway and Ernakulam market in central Kochi; Compact development across metro corridors and NMT corridors

Goal 3    : Green neighbourhoods

Activity 3: Community owned preservation of green spaces; Tree planting in public places, and institutions


Goal 1    : 100% compliance of SWM Rules 2000  

Activity 1:  Expeditious implementation of Waste to Energy project; Universal source segregation; Exploit decentralized waste treatment potential fully; Smart monitoring

Goal 2    : Rejuvenated Canals and Waterways

Activity 2: Rejuvenate water bodies; Leverage canals as open space; Arrest sewage flows through a comprehensive sewerage and septage  program

Goal 3    : Open Defecation free city

Activity 3: Expand provision of Public Toilets; Build awareness and ownership for sustainable maintenance

Goal 4    : Affordable Housing for all

Activity 4: Add low-cost housing units through re-development policy in core areas linked with Low Carbon solutions

Goal 5    : Energy efficient city

Activity 5: Implement approved Solar City master plan recommendations, Solar panels in Housing/ Institutions, Smart metering solutions

Goal 6    : Climate Change resilience

Activity 6:  Fluvial , tidal and pluvial food hazard model and identification of vulnerable areas and communities, Effective SWD linked with the canals

Goal 7    : 24×7 Water supply and Sewerage access to all

Activity 7: Revamp of Water supply distribution infrastructure; Smart metering and leak detection systems;


Goal 8    : Best in class and Affordable social infrastructure

Activity 8: Upgrade Public healthcare and Education facilities; Emergency response systems

Goal 9    : 24×7 Electricity, Digital Access and inclusion

Activity 9: Scale up of Electricity distribution infrastructure – T&D losses reduction through underground wiring; Strong IT connectivity in the city; WiFi hotspots in public spaces; Trade facilitation centres



Goal 1    : Inclusive city

Activity 1: Community driven Rehabilitation plan for Vulnerable sections of society including senior citizens,  women and children, destitute etc; Formal framework for engaging with NGOs

Goal 2    : Citizen driven Planning and Seamless Government – Citizen Interface

Activity 2: Scale up the Multi-year Capital Investment plan and Annual Plans under the Peoples plan scheme; Include Social media and e-governance tools for greater citizen outreach; Intelligent Government services; Improved disclosure standards related to administrative efficiency