Mechanized Street Sweeping Machines in Kochi


To overcome the rising issues of cleanliness in Kochi the multipurpose road cleaner is proposed. Cleaner solves the problem of dusty roads and removal of metal particles from road. This waste can then be cleaned by the sweepers and ultimate cleanliness can be achieved.
CSML will purchase sweeping machines/vehicles that includes two years of operations and maintenance as part of the supplier’s scope. The revised project scope includes purchase of 2 machines with 2 yeas O&M to be funded by CSML for a total revised estimate of INR 9.45 Crores.

PROJECT COST Rs. 9.45 Crores (including 2 years O&M) First 2 years O&M will be funded by CSML thereafter KMC to take up O&M costs. KMC to supervise entire O&M once the compactor is handed over after purchase
STATUS To be Retendered