Secondary Storage & Transportation of Solid Waste using Portable Compactor


Deployment of Portable Compactor based collection and transportation system which comprises of covered shed for positioning of stationary solid waste compactor fitted with a hydraulically detachable loading bucket and compatible truck mounted hook loader for transportation of compacted waste to garbage dumping ground/processing plant.

The main components of proposed project consists of following:

  • Mechanically operated waste storage and compaction system.
  • Prime mover with hook loader support.
  • Civil structure for placing of compactor units.
  • Leachate collection and disposal system.
PROJECT COST Rs. 3 Crores (including 2 years O&M) First 2 years O&M will be funded by CSML thereafter KMC to take up O&M costs. KMC to supervise entire O&M once the compactor is handed over after purchase
STATUS To be Retendered